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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is it really over?

What we did NOT do this summer:

  1. Play outside near enough...remember that bullsnake on the driveway early on?
  2. Paint walls orange.
  3. Visit enough museums. (This point is arguable in my tribe.)
  4. Get a new dog.

What we DID do this summer: Patronized zoo (only once, boo!), sweated buckets at ballparks, mowed every other day (only Doug did that), grew monstrous flowers (yes, that was me - and maybe God), played with a self-absorbed cat while grieving over dead dog, walked and walked through mutant butterfly gardens, witnessed kids create paintings sure to be worth millions someday, messed up house fiercely, vacationed with best friends (nice to meet up with them in KC because it's hard to catch them at home a mile away), motorcycled on windiest of days because Doug and I are happy doing anything together, shared memories with relatives as we cried over Grandma Shirley and remembered how much I missed my relatives, read more books than I care to admit (see messy house comment), planned five new family vacations because I'm a big, fat dreamer (not sure how will afford but will figure out, I promise, Doug) and noticed that Alex and Cole are growing up at Mach Speed...almost as fast as the summers always go.

Now, off to bed. School tomorrow.