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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh Happy Days

Despite the lack of sunshine in Southwest Iowa and the fact that my hubby can't get his beans harvested, I am happy. Why you ask?

1-Saw Where the Wild Things Are last night. It was beautiful, a bit heart-wrenching and it made me cry. I love those movies.
2-Received a letter stating I had won "Honorable Mention" in Writer's Digest 78th Annual Writing Competition! And my story (Diamonds in the Woods) will be published with the group of winners and honorable mentions. I'm pretty darn excited about that one. I posted on my other blog a few months ago. Here's the link.
3-The Hawkeyes are undefeated! Certainly, we Hawkeye fans know that we must tread lightly, thus the glass might break.
4-Shrek (you know, the ugly feral cat whose tongue doesn't fit in his mouth?) allowed me to scratch his mangy ears this morning. That seals it. I am the cat whisperer. What do you suppose that say about my personality? I'd prefer to be known as a dog whisperer, but we are what we are.
5-Lastly, and of course, not anywhere close to family and friends are the beautiful and loving.


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