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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Gap Generation

I took the day off today with the intention of spending the day with Doug before he went to the field. Too late. He's in the field. So, instead of heading back to work, I decided to pay homage to the recently deceased Donald Fisher, also known as the founder of The Gap. He obviously was smiling down from heaven because I hit a jackpot of sales AND the sales associate let me use a coupon one day's no wonder I love that place.

I decided to scorn my daughter's critique of my lifeless wardrobe and bought jeans and t-shirts. My favorites. It felt kind of like...coming home. I heard a radio commentator recognize Gap as the company that "democratized style." It brought khakis to the masses. It turned the white t-shirt into sexy. It's because of Gap that I have a hoodie addiction.

Gap was born in 1969, as was I. It's no wonder that Gen Xers share some sort of spiritual textile connection to the brand. Gap epitomizes my generation. Simple. Smart. Neutral at the core, with only an occasional need to splash some color.

Okay, enough philosophizing. On to another riveting anecdote from today...

I also went to Borders...and I walked out without one, single purchase. As I roamed, somewhat lamely looking for a business book, I noticed how many of the displayed novels I have sitting at home, waiting to be read. What's wrong with me? Sure, I love to read. But why do I just keep buying books I don't have time for? When I got home, I counted them. 16. I have sixteen books waiting to be read. (That doesn't include the two books sitting in the living room, which I have started.) So my new resolution? No purchases until everything on my shelf has been read. (Not sure if this resolution includes Kindle purchases yet...)

Anyway, my day was heavenly, despite the absence of my hubby. And the tears that eked out as I spied tiny leg warmers and a matching scarf at Baby Gap. The tears quickly dried as a young mother chased her toddler through the store, reminding me that it's not all about dressing up the baby. Almost all. But not all.


*~* Jenni *~* said...

I have an addiction to buying books. I think I have close to 100 books on my shelves that I haven't read yet. I just love buying the Bargain Books at Barns & Noble... I need to stop!

CAMprinc1 said...

You obviously know I didn't spend much time at the Gap or any other store that had anything that resembled fashion....if I could do it all over... sigh.

As for books, I'm reading professional books right now and have implemented a time during our high school day for reading for EVERYONE.

Oh, I was waiting for a third hamster post...:D