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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back from Vacation

For as much fun as we had, it's always good to come home. I can only take gluttony and leisure for so long...even if I am spending "quality time" with my family.

We began our vacation by visiting old college friends in Monticello. Once again, I find another friend with an insanely organized Pottery Barn house. I should be compelled to dust right now, but here I am, typing on the keyboard...(I must say that a few days free from typing did wonders for my aching hands.) The Kehoe's were spectacular hosts and I'm hoping my husband will be compelled to cook a little more. (Like I'm compelled to dust?)

I won't bore you with all the details of our National Lampoon's Vacation, but here are a few highlights...

*Sear Tower...not the best choice, since "the ledges" just opened. Spending three hours in line to be trapped on the highest floor in the U.S. did little but make us cranky and nervous. Except for Alex of course.
*Field Museum of Natural History...AWESOME! I could have spent much more time here but was outnumbered by hunger pains. I honestly believe that my kids aren't happy unless they spending a bunch of dough.
*Fireworks at the Navy Pier...Moved me to tears, but then again, I'm a cryer...
*Michigan fully experience, should explore with group of girls without husbands.
*The Westin...completely luxurious beds, BUT Mom screwed up. No pool. Luckily the Country Inns at Iowa City on the way home put me back in good graces.

Other tidbits... Alex is a dramatic sleeper. Actually, she's a little scary. Cole holds the world record in saying "Watch me..." After five days together, we could hardly say one word to each other. But today, we're all chatty again...and a bit more productive which makes me happy.

The pictures above were taken in line at the Sear's Tower...A Classic Cole pout...and a typical happy Alex expression.

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I am P said...

LOVE the pics, made me LOL!!