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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Me Time

So, I was bragging to a few of my co-workers that I'd have, like, an hour or two to myself tonight. Doug was helping at Cole's baseball practice. Alex had dance. Wow. What would I do with my time? Read? Start a movie? Walk?

Okay, it's 6:41, approximately ten minutes before the boys get home. Here's what I've done..

Picked up groceries, put away groceries, went through bills, sorted newspapers, put away clothing, cleaned up breakfast dishes, started supper, updated my writing assignment (posted on my other blog , wrote this tiny speck of a blog, and will now sort through 69 emails that I've let go the last few days.

Wow. That was really relaxing!


I am P said...

Hahaha, that sounds like my "Me Time" Make a spa appointment, then you wont have the pesky distractions!!

Suzie Mages said...

Oh, how we look forward to that time, only to have too much "Mom/Wife" stuff to do. I "Head to Toe" afternoons get better and better each if I could just afford to go once a week, just think how happy we all would be! lol!!