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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leaders, Valentine's, Trains and AMEN!

I've a bazillion blogs teasing my brain, but I'm too squirrely to give any one topic much attention. So here goes...

I've been teaching some classes on leadership lately. It'd do me good to follow some of my own advice. It also do some good to have a few scandalously-paid executives of failed banks to attend. Although, realistically, I'm not sure that the class can dissolve greed.

I thought it was weird that the school decided not to have a Valentine's Day party this year. So, what in the world would convince me to take Cole's word for it? (Imagine when he's sixteen!)So, as I prepared to pick up the mundane cartoon-ugly-dog valentines from the picked over v-day selection, I was pleasantly surprised to find The Hulk collection. (I purchased an adorable group of Fairy cards for Alex, only to discover that 6th graders don't do that anymore.)

Aren't trains amazing? As I was trucking to Fremont yesterday, I found myself racing against the K-Line and the U.P., staring at the mass of iron, attempting to count the cars and still impressed how the iron horse continues to be a vital part of our economy.

And finally, the best news of all? Grandma Shirley got news today that the cancerous grapefruit removed from her intestines did NOT leave one lick of cancer behind. She is completely cancer-free! Amen. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

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