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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Christmas Commotion?

See the utter joy in this boy's face? The boy that just shot his mother at point blank range?

After a hectic Christmas week, I was ready to come home from work, put my feet up and and watch either a thought-provoking episode of What Not to Wear or some sappy DVD we received for Christmas. Then what should my wondering eyes should appear? Cole's godfather, Jim, came over with Christmas gifts - an electronic dartboard game and the seemingly mother of all gifts...dart tag. While it was refreshing to see Cole put the DS down, I wasn't prepared for all hell to break loose.

Flashback to the 1970's:

Stef: Raised as an only child, evenings with her parents consisted of practicing piano, reading, watching the news while consuming a modest meal, a bath, and of course rounding out the evening with one of our favorite sitcoms. (Wednesdays nights were always a treat when I could stay up past 9:00 to see Charlie's Angels.) Occasionally Stef could convince her parents to play checkers or monopoly.

Doug: Raised on a farm with four other siblings, evenings consisted of farm chores, active endeavors(like biking, three-wheeling, snowmobiling, shooting hoops, playing catch, climbing into bins, swinging from ropes, etc.), devouring as much of the large meat-and-potato type supper before his brother got too much, and topping off the night with a wrestling match while watching one of their favorite shows or sporting events.

Back to 2008 in the Kramer household:

As the darts left tiny pink patches on any exposed piece of skin, I could feel Doug coming into his own. You see, mostly the nights are fairly quiet around here -- similar to my own upbringing. But once in a while, a gleam sparks in my husband's eye and the terror of chaos rules. While the offensive and defensive tactics become employed in the imaginary war scene, laughter prevails. Even mother breaks a smile.

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I am P said...

Boys will be boys! Go with it and have fun, life's too short!