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Monday, December 22, 2008

I love Christmas, but I'm tired

I'm done. No more shopping. No more cookie baking. No more cranberry wreaths. Okay, I never really got to the cranberry wreaths. Now, I've decided to listen to my husband and "just relax and quit worrying about everything!" Has anyone noticed how good grandparents are at not worrying? They really know how to enjoy moments with the kids.

Today my friend Pat was telling me how she had her grandkids over to make marshmallow truffles this weekend. Test. What's your first reaction?

a)"I bet those kids looked so cute with marshmallows and sprinkles adorning their faces?"


b)"What a sticky mess."

Pat assured me that it was a mess, but it was quite worth it.

Too often, I miss out on the moment by worrying about what I need to do next. But since God decided relocate the Artic to the Midwest this last weekend, I was forced to heed Doug's advice. And it was heaven. Alex and I watched Roman Holiday. We baked so many cookies that every Kramer in this household can barely utter the word almond bark without invoking a gag reflex. And of course, Cole entertained us greatly. He's written two, no three more letters to Santa. Apparently, Santa can answer many of those great mysteries of life, such as "Does Rudolph still lead the sleigh?"

So my holiday wish to all of you is to enjoy the many wonderful moments of the season. I intend to revel in them.

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