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Friday, September 5, 2008

Viva La Vida

I love Coldplay. Have I mentioned that before? The poetical lyrics. The unique collaboration of genres. The absence of the same 1,4,5 chords (for you musicians). And of course the beauty of Chris Martin's vocals that nearly make me weep.

When we become parents, we graciously put aside a few of our passions to raise our kids. One of my deep-seeded loves is music. But for many years now, I merely walk past my piano and guitar and think, "Someday. Someday, I'll come back to you."

The day is drawing nearer. While my kids have greatly enjoyed the music productions of Disney, we haven't really connected too greatly on the music scene. (Not that I don't love Disney...)But something amazing has happened!

I had the pleasure of having my kids disprove the assumption I was torturing them by listening to the new Coldplay CD for the past month in the car. (This would actually be a proclamation from my husband.)

"Mom, can we listen to track 5?" asks my precious Alex.

"But I like the one after that! Can we hear that one first," asked my sweet Cole.

Bestill my heart! Do you remember when Julia Roberts cries at the opera in Pretty Woman? Well, I was Richard Gere at that moment. My kids get it! They get Coldplay.

So, next week Alex begins guitar lessons. While she's at guitar lessons, Cole and I will dabble on the piano. (She wouldn't take a first-grader yet.) Thus, my love for music has not only been reignited, but apparently it has also been inherited.

It was worth the wait.

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