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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hail Mary’s and St. John’s Wart

A few years ago, when the kids were still toddlers, my friend told me a story that I keep in my hip-pocket. My friend, Lyn (I think I’ve mentioned her before), is extremely laid back. As a matter of fact, I’ve known her nearly my entire life and have NEVER seen this girl mad. I lived with her in college and I rarely saw her frustrated. She goes with the flow easier than anyone I’ve ever met. One day she told me that she was so mad that she called her husband and ordered him to come home before she killed her second child. I felt a sense of relief. Not because Troy would keep her from killing Anna, but because if Lyn could blow a fuse, it’s bound to happen to anyone.

Normally, patience rules my temperament as well. But once in a while, it’s like a firecracker explodes in me. I curse. I want to throw stuff. Even break something. And boy, does my family take notice. Like last night.

Normally I don’t complain about the lack of help I get around the house. Okay, that’s not true, but normally I don’t make too big deal about it. Maybe that's not true either. Anyway, after supper last night, which was made up of a BLTs (a meal that always sounds simple but involves a lot of running -- get more toast, get more toast…), I sort of blew. Food pieces and dirty plates were everywhere. Doug was hypnotized by the Olympics. Cole was making a dessert consisting of a cheese quesadilla. Alex was walking around the kitchen looking at the ceiling. When I exclaimed that a few people around here could help me out a bit, boy did I see results. Everyone jumped up, including Doug. When Doug takes me seriously, I must mean business. But it doesn’t really take four people to unload and load a dishwasher, and soon I felt kind of silly about my outburst.

The next time I feel like unleashing on my family,I'll say a few Hail Mary’s (there’s something about saying “full of grace” that inspires me to be more patient) or take another dose of St. John’s Wart(there’s something about taking a pill that makes me think my maladies are cured.

Or, maybe I’ll just call Lyn. Chances are she’ll be able to relate.

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