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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Epiphany in Kansas City's Plaza!

I had an epiphany in Kansas City. Shopping, to me, isn’t about spending money! Really! I bought one pair of work pants at Gap, but my time at The Plaza was as pleasing as if I had bought an entire wardrobe. I figured it out why.

It’s the color. It’s the fabric. It’s the patterns. It’s experimenting with various pieces. It’s the environment of discovery and acceptance. In effect, it’s like going to an art gallery – a cultural event indeed!

I told my husband I love how everyone dresses so trendy at The Plaza. It makes me happy. He smiled and agreed as he watched a troop of twenty-something girls in strapless dresses parade by our table at The Cheesecake Factory. I used to dress up a lot more. Then I fell into the trap of Doug asking why I was so dressed up. (His definition of dressing up is wearing something other than a t-shirt.)Then I found myself saying the same words to my daughter. What a terrible thing to do to someone who so likes to experiment! NO MORE! Dress how you feel like dressing! That’s my new motto. I’ll say it to her. I’ll say it Cole.

With the following disclaimer: no superhero costumes, high heels, revealing shirts, too short of skirts or anything else deemed inappropriate by Mom.

Other than that, I encourage everyone to express themselves through their clothes. It’s truly an art form.

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