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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Cowlick

"Did you see it?"
"See what?" I ask my friend Diane who called me yesterday morning.
"You're on the front page!"
"No way!"

My fifteen minutes of fame. I made the front page of the Non-Pareil! Lindsay Blake (the fun reporter I spoke of a few weeks ago) wrote a really cool article on Mom Blogs and Alex, Cole and I were featured. Pretty exciting for the Kramer household. But I just can't seem to get over one, minor issue. By telling you all this, I'm really exposing my shallowness. The issue? My hair in the picture. My most stubborn cowlick, which happens to reside on the right side of my widow's peak, was having a hay day sticking straight out from my forehead. I'm sure my hair stylist is saying "Why didn't she do something with her hair??"

Oh well. The article is enjoyable. (I love how the Non-Pareil features so many upbeat postive articles!) And most importantly, my kids look adorable!

Not sure if you can view it online, but if so, here's the link is

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