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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thrill Seeking

You know how everyone always says, "Kids these days! You can't get them out of the house. When I was a kid, you couldn't keep me in the house." I hear this phrase most often from my husband. Well, the truth is, I must have been one of the pioneers of 'staying in the house'. As a matter of fact, Mom told me that I would only go outside if she went with me.

When it comes to thrill-seeking, or searching for adventure, Doug and I are complete opposites. This polarity has been blatently apparent in the past few days.

Doug loves roller coasters. I will tolerate, because I'm trying to be supportive of his interests like good companions do. Neither of our kids seek out the roller coasters at amusement parks, but like all good kids, they like to make their parents happy. Last Wednesday our family visited Adventureland. We all faithfully accompanied Doug on the Tornado. Cole and I backed out of the Outlaw. We all refused the Dragon. He was disappointed, as I defended my stance that not everyone is cut out for heart-stopping, brain-shaking thrills. I find pleasure in looking at a simple flower or watching the penguins play. Zoos and botanicals gardens bore him to death. Want to get a sincere smile out of Doug? Check out those pictures from the roller coaster rides -- when his hands are in the air as he's sailing down a ridiculously steep rail.

Now, I realize that I worry beyond reason. Run through the sprinkler? Only if Dad or I are watching! And don't run too fast!! Play with sparklers? Only if I follow you around closely, after your Dad has lit the spark while you stand ten feet away. (Okay, this didn't really happen, but that's how my mind thinks.)

Today, Alex ran inside and told me she was going to drive the 4-wheeler back to the farm to pick up her dad. Of course, this was upon Doug's instructions. "Are you sure you don't want me to go instead?" She considered it a moment. She's so much like me. But then replied, "No, Dad says I can do it." I held my breath and said a little prayer until I heard the sound of the 4-wheeler returning.

So, I guess I'm making progress as an insufferable worry-wart. The pictures above indicate that I merely 'photographed' the kids with the sparklers. I wasn't following them around for their own protection. Really.


CAMprinc1 said...

I need to show you the picture of Collin on the "Splash Over", you know the one that got stuck upside down for 8 minutes one-week after he was on it.

He cleared the requirement by a centimeter and bounced around the whole time.

He cool his thrill seeking for all of 10 minutes before going on the "Silly Silo".

Stef Kramer said...

OMG! I was just saying, who would ever go on that thing...SK