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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Trip to the Pool

June is half over and I finally took the kids to the pool. What's happened to me? It wasn't all that many years ago when I impatiently waited for the first day of the pool to open. Now, here I sit in a lounge chair, sucking in my c-sectioned stomach, trying to hide behind a large Oprah magazine. I practically begged Cole to let me play with him in the pool so at least my bottom half would be covered. He politely declined. I guess it's embarrasing for six-year olds to play with their moms. Alex ditched me the moment she spotted one of her friends. (I'm still subtly monitoring her. Does a mother ever get over the fear of their children drowning?")

So, here I sit, with one eye on my kids and the other taking note of the young and skinny moms. One mom is wearing a string bikini with a six-month old attached to her side. A six month old! My doctor told me it takes three years for your body to come back. Cole's almost 7, and I'm still waiting.

OK. Time to get over it. What happened to all that talk last week about "age only being a frame of mind"? That was before I tried on my swimsuit. Oh well, at least I can sit here and write. And read Oprah. I'm sure to find an inspirational article in the magazine that always makes women feel good about themselves.

Better yet, I can put away my notebook and the magazines, stop drowning in my vain sorrows and soak in the youthful spirit of my beautiful children splashing in the pool. Don't you love how kids laugh? It's the sound of pure joy.

Wait! Here comes Cole.

He just asked me to catch him on the slide. I'm in!

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