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Friday, May 23, 2008

The C-Word

Warning! This blog contains sensitive material. But it was too funny not to publish.

A funny thing happened on the way home last night.

Instead of popping the DVD headphones once they jumped in the car, Alex and Cole decided to review some of the artwork they completed. Now that summer is in full swing, I will need to find extra storage for my extra creative kids and their "art".

Alex was showing Cole the Nick Jonas poster she made with fun little adjectives written and pasted on a brightly colored piece of cardboard. "Hottie", "I Luv U", "Sweet & Sassy", and the word that caused all the commotion -- "Cute". The conversation went something like this.

Cole, "Why does that say C_nt?"

Alex, "C_nt!" It doesn't say c_nt! It says CUTE, Cole, not c_nt! How does that look like c_nt? It doesn't even look close to the word c_nt!"

Somehow between Alex's experimentation with fonts and Cole's newly acquired skill of reading, he misinterpreted the word. And Alex couldn't seem to say it enough.

I finally interrupt because I couldn't tolerate that word coming out of my innocent daughter's mouth one more time.

"Alex -- don't say that word anymore."

"What word? Cu_t? But it's not even a word."

"So, you've never heard that word before?"

"No," she responded blankly.

"Not even on the bus?"

"No. What does it mean?"

"Well, it's a bad word."

"How bad? Like as bad as the "f" word? I hear that one on the bus all the time."

Somehow I was relieved, through my laughter, that she never heard that word before. And I know Alex's wholesome values will ensure she never repeats the disgusting word. But I am concerned that my son, who uses any chance he sees to repeat a naughty word, has picked a new, very bad word. And he wasn't even on the bus.

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